Where next Will?

Where next Will?

My playtime with Will is always a spontaneous, creative adventure! I'm quite high energy and some mornings when I arrive on shift, Will gives me 'the look' which tells me he is not

Attachment: try not to become too attached...

Try not to become too attached is what you’re told when you first start work, but when the child you care for is reliant upon your voice; your touch for reassurance, attachment has never been so


I have been asked by my counsellor to write down how I feel about Will, in the hope that it might enable me to process my own state of grieving, in relation to the inevitable fact that one day, Will

Upside Down

We have all been caring for Will for differing amounts of time: 1 year all the way through to 11 years. I personally, am now into my 7th year of caring for him! Poor lad – 7 years of looking at my

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