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  • Surplus or unwanted care products that could help someone with similar needs?
  • Specialist medical equipment or everyday items for sale or to give away?
  • Enough stock of care consumables to help someone out in an emergency?
  • An unexpected urgent need for care products which can't be sourced elsewhere?
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Sharing in times of need

Skiggle is a registered charity providing help and support to disabled people, their families and carers.

Are you looking for disability care products, care equipment or care-based essential items?

Skiggle can help

We’re the only disability charity of its kind in the UK, and we exist to help people in unexpected and urgent times of need because you never know when something essential might be forgotten, go missing, or need immediately replaced.

Our growing charity has a community of individuals across the UK who are willing to help others by providing and sharing disability consumables and equipment in times of need. So whether you're running out of specialist feed, continence products, or suction catheters, Skiggle has a passionate community ready and willing to come to your aid.

The Skiggle Community

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Emergency SOS

Sign in and shout out to the Skiggle community. Across the UK, we're here to help with urgent requests for care-based essentials.


Search, sell, swap, save and support. Our online marketplace is the place to be if you're looking to rehome surplus care-based essentials and equipment.

Facebook Forum

Your space to connect with like-minded people. Get help, support, advice, and a virtual arm around your shoulders from our Facebook family.

Carers for Change

Your chance to make a positive difference, not only to the lives of other members through SOS and Marketplace but also across the wider community.


Family Directory

Skiggle is now listed on the GlosFamilies Directory

January Worthy Cause of the Month

Skiggle have been proudly featured online by Busy-Life as their January Worthy Cause of the Month.

Keep up-to-date with what they have to say about us by following their tweets here.

Skiggle: About Our Marketplace

Skiggle has been featured by Charity Today in their daily column, exploring the stretched NHS services and how the Skiggle marketplace could help! Read the article here.

Christine and her two daughters were interviewed by Channel 5 News

Christine and James' family have been kept apart by shielding, in order to keep him safe. In this interview with Channel 5 News, we hear for the first time from James' sisters about how isolation and shielding have affected them. Watch the interview here.

Skiggle will be featured by the Disability Sports Channel

Keep an eye out for our up & coming feature with the Disability Sports Channel!

Introducing James

We'd like to introduce you to James, the inspiration behind Skiggle!

We’ve obviously talked about him before and shared our family stories but we’ve always tried to protect him by never posting any photographs.

Well, now that our wonderful young man has turned 17 he wants everyone to get to know him – he just loves being centre of attention! As my husband said, “If he was able to, he’d no doubt be drinking with his mates and would probably be all over social media 😂"

You can find out more about him here

James would love for you to send him a "HELLO" as while he might not be able to read the messages for himself, he certainly loves us reading to him 👋 

Songs For Shielding

If like Christine and James you’ve been shielding since March 2020, our current fundraising campaign can help put a smile back on your face and on the faces of your loved ones.

Its so simple yet so special.

We’ve partnered with two fantastic professional singers, Aidan & Juliet, to perform personalised ‘songs for shielding’ in return for a small donation to the charity. As a registered charity, we rely solely on generous donations and fundraising efforts to continue to provide vital services, help and support within the disability world.

Choose anything from classical tunes to Disney favourites or current chart hits to giftto your nearest and dearest or just brighten up your own day with your favourite song.

Here’s Juliet singing one of James’s much-loved tunes:

What will you choose? Request your song today, then just sit back, relax and enjoyyour personalised performance.

"A total stranger coming to our rescue when we forgot to bring a feeding tube extension with us. They came out in the dark to meet us and saved our weekend."

S Randles (Facebook Review)

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