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What is Skiggle?

Skiggle is a non-profit community of individuals who are willing to help others by providing missing consumables and equipment in times of need (Emergency SOS). We also facilitate the exchange of surplus or unwanted items via our online Marketplace, run Facebook groups, and offer a collective voice to support the wider community. Find out exactly what we do

Who founded Skiggle?

Christine Singleton, a mum of three whose eldest, James, is profoundly disabled. Read the story behind Skiggle.

Does the founder understand Special Educational Needs and Disability?

Yes. Christine is a mother to three children, the eldest of whom, James, was born with a catastrophic brain injury (HIE). This resulted in him having quadriplegic spastic cerebral palsy and a host of additional medically complex needs.

Does anyone profit financially from Skiggle?

No. Skiggle is a registered charity in England & Wales (No.1185108), Scotland (SC050478) whose current financial stability comes from fundraising and self-funding by Christine. Neither Christine nor any of the volunteers profit from Skiggle.


What is the Marketplace?

The Skiggle Marketplace is a strictly regulated space where members can buy and sell products relating to disabilities, and offer free excess products to other families in need.

What can I put on Marketplace?

Skiggle Marketplace is welcoming of products that healthcare providers will not take back. We are, however, legally bound by pharmaceutical and governance legislation that prohibits the movement of certain disability-related products. Please see our full terms of use.

Can I sell NHS products on Marketplace?

To comply with NHS monitoring of the selling of their products and their prohibition of it, we encourage our members NOT to sell their unwanted NHS products or profit from them on Skiggle.

How do I create a Marketplace advert?

Once you have registered and signed in to, go to the Marketplace and click "+New Item."

Can I include images in my advert?

Yes. We encourage our members to include one or more good quality images of their Marketplace items. Please make sure that any photographs you upload are taken by you and not catalogue images or taken off the Internet.

Can I send my surplus items to Skiggle?

Our online Marketplace is a platform for the direct exchange of surplus or unwanted care items; a regulated space where members can buy, sell or give away products to each other. Skiggle does not hold any products and cannot store items for you.

Where are Marketplace products stored?

Every product on the Marketplace is stored by the individual selling or giving away their items. Skiggle does not have a storage facility for any products.

How do I exchange Marketplace products?

You can choose to send your items via a postal or courier service or, if you are meeting in person, we advise all parties involved to meet in a well-lit, public place; a supermarket, for example, if it is practical to do so.

Can I sell or give away privately funded items?

Yes. You can advertise items on Marketplace that you have purchased and no longer need. Please make sure that any photographs you upload to Marketplace are taken by you and not catalogue images.

Emergency SOS

What is an SOS?

An SOS is a message sent from You can use an SOS to call for care-essentials in unforeseen moments of need. When you send an SOS, we will endeavour to match you with the nearest Skiggle member who can assist.

When can I send an SOS?

You can send an Emergency SOS 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, when item(s) are required immediately. You could be at home, on holiday or even on a day out. Whenever your daily routine will be seriously affected by a missing, broken or forgotten essential, send an SOS and we'll endeavour to match you with the nearest Skiggle member who can assist. All SOS requests are responded to as soon as possible.

How do I send an SOS?

Make sure you have registered with us via our website then sign in and click Send SOS. Select the distance you are willing to travel and enter full details of what you need. That's all the information we need from you.

Depending on your preferences when you signed up, we will automatically include your contact details (email and/or phone) and try to match your request with a Skiggle member who can help.

When sending or responding to an SOS we advise that the disclosure and sharing of personal information be kept to a minimum. Share only details vital to the exchange, and make sure you feel safe with the arrangements for meeting up.

How do I exchange my SOS items?

The location for the exchange of SOS items will be individually tailored to each request and unique to individual circumstances. We advise all parties involved to take measures to ensure that they feel safe.

Will my SOS be answered?

When you send an SOS, we will endeavour to match you with a Skiggle member nearby who can assist. If your request is not answered there is a possibility that:

  • The item you need is not stocked by registered members in the area you have specified.
  • The registered members in the area you have specified do not have any spare items to offer.
  • There are no members in the area you have specified.

Widening your travel parameters could help. Try posting a new SOS.

What if there are no members in my area?

If you receive the message "there are no members in your area" try increasing the distance you are prepared to travel and post a new SOS. Still can't connect? This likely means Skiggle has not reached your part of the UK even though our community is growing on a daily basis. We're sorry we couldn't help you on this occasion but hope you will continue to spread the word and help us to grow our network.

Can I help grow the community?

We are working to create a network that covers all areas of the UK and would be grateful for any help you can give us to grow membership in your local area. Here are some organisations and individuals that might benefit from Skiggle. If you would like to promote our work and need further information or support from us please get in touch.

  • Tell your friends about us
  • SEND schools and collages
  • Respite centres
  • Daycare centres
  • Nurseries
  • Schools and collages
  • Playgroups
  • Care homes
  • Mobility Centres
  • Holiday homes and caravan parks


Can I send an SOS on Facebook?

Sorry, our emergency SOS service is not available on Facebook. To connect to our UK network of registered members; individuals, carers and families please go to:

Can I buy, sell or give away items on Facebook?

Sorry, we do not permit our members to buy or sell or give away items via our Facebook page or in our Support and Chat group. If you are looking for something in particular or have surplus stock please visit our Marketplace where the exchange of items is strictly regulated:


Can I volunteer for Skiggle?

Yes. We would love to discuss having you on the team. In our experience, people volunteer with Skiggle for many different reasons. Some tell us they joined to meet new people, others wanted to gain skills or experience. We welcome people from across the UK who are looking for ways to volunteer in their own local communities. Whether you can spare a couple of hours here and there, or have several hours a week to offer, we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch.

I have a disability, can I volunteer?

Yes. There will definitely be a role for you with us. We would like to hear from anyone interested in volunteering with Skiggle, including if you are living with a disability. Please get in touch.

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