SKIGGLE - Help For People Living With Dementia

Skiggle is a registered charity providing help and support to people living with dementia, their families, and carers.

We offer support through our community marketplace, a place where you can connect with others and find much needed care-based essentials.

If you happen to be without an item you require, our Emergency SOS service puts out a call to our community. We provide a place for those with dementia to turn to in times of need.

Our marketplace is ideal if you are looking for items and supplies such as:• Mobility aids, including walking frames or walking sticks• Incontinence products such as pads, pull ups, incontinence sheets• Feeding products including dysphagia supplies. These could be cups, cutlery and thickeners

If you’re looking for help and support for people with dementia, then join the Skiggle community today.

Charity Development Manager, Helen has personal experience of supporting someone with Dementia as her grandma was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Dementia 4 years ago. She has said that:

"While the grandma that I grew up with may be lost behind the haze of Dementia, the grandma I have gained is possibly living her best life. Her imagination has become her reality and so she tells tales of travelling to far out places, eating new foods and staring in TV shows [...]

Her life may be different now, but her new life certainly comes before her disability."

You can find out more about the impact Dementia has had on Helen's grandma here

By joining Skiggle, you’ll have access to:

Our Emergency SOS service is a messaging support system that helps you to reach our to the Skiggle community for urgent essential requests.

Our Marketplace is an online platform where you can find and rehome surplus care-based essentials and equipment. You’ll just need to sign up if you haven’t already.

Our Facebook Forum offers a social space for people living with dementia to communicate and connect online.

Carers for Change is a network of over 7500 individuals and growing, united in one goal: to make a difference.

"Great site for lots of carers that need that support that comes from people going thru similar experiences. Please support this great site."

J Elliott (Facebook review)

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