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We'd like to say a massive thank you to all our members for choosing to be part of something special. We really appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts and experiences with us here and on our Facebook page, and have included a selection below.

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"Everything about Skiggle is amazing from the simple idea of enabling us to share unused medical equipment that would usually go in the bin. I have been helped out by Skiggle users and i have also been able to help others out. Emergency help is another fantastic aspect of Skiggle, such a fantastic wonderful dedicated people who run Skiggle! Xxx"

R Ashburner (Facebook Review)

"Very helpful website. Just what people with special needs are looking for. I'm very pleased and grateful for help given when my daughter was very ill and I was run out of pads. I posted sos request on site and after an hour I received txt message saying someone can help us. Very grateful. Thanks."

W Kostecka (Facebook Review)

"Amid all the crazy of Coronavirus I've just sent some unused oral syringes to a family in Dudley - helping in some tiny way has cheered me up on a grey day in these worrying times!"

K England (Facebook Review)

"Just signed up, it’s good to know that if we need an emergency mini button, pads, syringes etc I can call on parents/carers in the same situation."

G Eland (Facebook Review)

"I've been helped out so many times by skiggle! Feed, giving sets, syringes. It's an absolute excellent site."

J Elliott (Facebook Review)

"Had some unused bottle adapters that were no longer needed. Sent them to a lady in Doncaster rather than landfill. Brilliant idea."

E Penrose (Facebook Review)

"An amazing simple idea that will help out those in need who forget vital equipment when away from home."

A Boushear (Facebook Review)

"A total stranger coming to our rescue when we forgot to bring a feeding tube extension with us. They came out in the dark to meet us and saved our weekend."

S Randles (Facebook Review)

"Great site for lots of parents/carers that need that support that comes from people going thru similar experiences. Please support this great site."

H Lees (Facebook Review)

Ideal place to locate items for disabled kids and adults. Lots of feeding stuff for pegs etc and you can put a plea out if desperate. Great idea and perfect to help us out. Well done."

A Valentine (Facebook Review)

"Fantastic site invaluable in times of need. It is so helpful to know that here is somewhere to turn if needs be and to know you can help others if needed. Well done to Christine whose wonderful idea and tireless efforts resulted in this site."

S Jill (Facebook Review)

"So I made a boo-boo and left our pump charger at home, I put out an SOS on Skiggle and a lovely lady came to my rescue within minutes - cannot thank everyone enough it was the difference between a holiday and having to go home."

M King (Facebook Review)

"What a fantastic idea. Thank you so much for coming up with this. Good to know in an emergency there is potentially help out there. Us tubie mums have got to stick together!!"

S Perkins (Facebook Review)

"Excellent. Very quick response to SOS appeal for suction Catheters. Thanks for this site."

R McLean (Facebook Review)

"Fantastic idea, we’ve helped one family out."

K Cassidy (Facebook Review)

"A genius way to recycle and help people out. A much needed site!!"

L Squire (Facebook Review)

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