Where next James?

Where next James?

My playtime with James is always a spontaneous, creative adventure! I'm quite high energy and some mornings when I arrive on shift, James gives me 'the look' which tells me he is not taking me on and I need to reign myself in until after lunch! Some days he goes one step further and pretends to be asleep whilst occasionally peeking to make sure I'm not being too hyperactive!

When James is ready for a full adventure, we enter his therapy room and use the colour of the strip lights to determine the destination. We've been to glowing pink flamingo world where the clouds are candyfloss and the rivers are pink lemonade! Deep blue ocean dives with neon fish and a backing track of bedknobs and broomsticks! Cutting through vines and thrashing our way through dark green jungle in search of rare species of animals and insects! Not to mention our dangerous missions into the red and orange depths of active volcanos to collect rock and lava samples for our experiments!

We are never short of options as each colour represents an infinite number of possibilities. A rainbow of opportunities!

With current circumstances I'm unable to care for James as my full time key worker role brings too much risk. So for now, our adventures are on hold.

But James and I both know that as soon as it is safe to do so, I'll be bouncing back into his bedroom with the question... 'Where next James?'

Andrea x

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