JAMES: work experience & Skiggle

Caption: Audio Branding
Caption: Fundraising
Caption: Accounting
Caption: Public Relations
Caption: Management

DAY ONE: Marketing
Now that James has turned 18, he decided that he wanted to do some work experience with Skiggle.

Today, he has been spending time with the marketing department looking at the Skiggle branding.

He has been exploring how Skiggle might sound, as well as how it appears visually, and I think he's found a tune that he loves! I'm just not so sure if it's because he think it fits with Skiggle or because he's now 18 and loves his electronic beats!

DAY TWO: Fundraising
Yesterday James spent the day with the Fundraising team, who are planning a fundraiser for after the Paralympics.

James didn't just want to do the paperwork though, so he immersed himself in possible fundraising activities, including spending 1 hour as a marshmallow!

If you would like to fundraise for Skiggle we'd love to hear from you

DAY THREE: Accounting
James has been working hard this week with the Skiggle bookkeeper and treasurer, learning about the importance of charity accounting.

Here, James has been learning how to cross reference numbers and understand the importance of how correctly referenced numbers can balance the accounts.

He's not sure whether this is the job for him though as he says that it is "very serious work that gave him a headache."

I wonder whether Public Relations (PR) might suit him more?

DAY FOUR: Public Relations
James and his new sorting hat have been helping out in the PR department this week, sorting through the list of media outlets we'd like to contact about Skiggle!

He hopes that with some carefully crafted words, a little bit of magic and an owl to deliver them, press releases will be popping up near you soon!

DAY FIVE: Management
James finally finished his work experience on the night of the Enterprise Vision Awards (EVAS). After a week spending time in the many departments that make up a charity, it seemed only fitting that he spent his last day with the two women that run them all, Christine Singleton and Helen Taylor and celebrate their success of Christine making it as a finalist.

There would be no charity without James: without our experiences of loving and caring for him; without him teaching us everyday about his own disability; without Christine's 'forgetful mum brain;' without his strong influence over our own lives, so it seemed only fitting that he shared in, and was a part of our night at the EVAS.

While he wasn’t able to attend the event with us, he still managed to stay up just as late, watching the livestream via his iPad! We had ironed his best tuxedo t-shirt, so he was definitely ready to party!

James tells us that he has really enjoyed spending time on work experience, so thank you all for sharing his experiences with him!

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