Stay safe, stay at home

Sadly, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the pressure on the Skiggle community is greater than ever. Many of the most vulnerable, their families and carers are being placed in difficult situations with their care-based essentials being limited, reduced and recalled. The basics required for everyday supplies are now also needing to be shared with the emergency hospitals being put in place around the country.

At times it feels like the Government is placing a hierarchy across the nation. Without a doubt, the NHS, their frontline staff, supporting offices and care workers are all doing an amazing and extremely noble job. They are also being asked to make impossible decisions in prioritising who receives vital equipment and care to save lives.

We need to hear from you

To support the NHS, to keep those vulnerable out of the hospital, and help combat COVID-19 we must challenge the current policies in place to stop care-based essentials being removed from those that need it most. We must reduce the number of vulnerable people taking needed hospital beds, due to their home-based care essentials being taken away.

If you are an individual whose care-based essentials are being compromised, or if you know of someone in a similar situation, we need to hear from you. Please complete our anonymous survey, it should take no longer than 10 minutes.

Sharing in times of need

We're here to help each other in unexpected times of need because you never know when something essential might be forgotten, go missing, or need replacing.

Our growing network is made up of individuals who are willing to help others by providing missing consumables and equipment in times of need. So, whether you're running out of specialist feed, continence products or suction catheters, with Skiggle, there's a community ready to come to your aid.

We need your signature!

We are calling for an urgent review of Government policies regarding the supply of care-based essential supplies to home-based, vulnerable individuals. Please sign our petition to ask that the most vulnerable continue to receive the care products they desperately need to keep them safe and at home.

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