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The Wheelchair Football Association (WFA) is delighted to announce Skiggle as one of their National League pitchside sponsors for the 2021/22 season.

The only charity of its kind in the UK, Skiggle gives people round-the-clock access to disability care products and equipment, providing help & support when it is urgently needed. Skiggle’s growing charity has a community of individuals across the UK who are willing to help others by providing and sharing consumables and equipment in times of need. So whether you’re running out of specialist feed, continence products or suction catheters, Skiggle has a passionate community ready and willing to come to your aid.

“We’re really excited to kick off this partnership with the WFA. Skiggle is a great fit for the Powerchair Football Community, and we welcome the opportunity to introduce more people to the charity and increase our reach across the UK. This will allow us to provide our services to a larger audience and to be there to help more people when they need it most.

“Not only will the Skiggle branding be visible to all players, coaches, parents, and carers attending the matches, it will also reach those people watching the matches from home on the WFA’s social channels.

“Our values are similar to the WFA in that life comes before a disability and we’re passionate about people with disabilities being able to enjoy the same quality of life as anyone else. That’s ultimately why we started Skiggle and that’s what drives us every day to continue to build, invest in, and believe in our unique charity.”

WFA National Development Officer, Ryan Sipple said: “We’re delighted to announce Skiggle as one of our National League’s Pitchside Sponsors. Skiggle are an incredible Charity that strive to provide people with round-the-clock access to disability care products and equipment.”


The Skiggle website connects to an emergency SOS alert system where members can put out a call for urgently needed care essentials. Completely free of charge, Skiggle facilitates and filters each request out to members within the closest geographical area to the SOS in the hope that someone can provide help from their own surplus supply of disability care products.

The Emergency SOS service is one of the key ways that Skiggle offer support for disabled individuals, carers and families.

The Skiggle online marketplace is a safe, fully regulated place where disability and care products can be rehomed and distributed free of charge, and larger items can be bought and sold appropriately.

Skiggle can also help with wanted items; post your advert for all members to see. Skiggle offers support for disabled adults, children, carers, and families. They also provide support to those living with cancer, dementia, autism as well as veterans.

Looking for advice or support? While there are charities that help disabled adults, the Skiggle Facebook forum is a popular and friendly space where families and carers can chat, ask questions, and recommend products and services to each other.

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