Covid-19 Statement

Social Distancing Policy

We at Skiggle would like to remind members when exchanging goods, either via our SOS orMarketplace services, to keep both yourself and others safe by adhering to the Governmentsocial distancing (2 metres) measures. If at all possible, avoid going outside unless it isabsolutely necessary.

If exchanging goods face-to-face for either service then please ensure that both parties arecomfortable with this and provisions are put in place to minimise risk.

Avoid contact with someone who is displaying symptoms of coronavirus (Covid-19). Theseinclude a high temperature and continuous cough.

For parcels that need to be sent, please adhere to social distancing when using your chosenmethod of delivery. These can include, but are not exclusive to, taking the item to your localpost office or parcel shop; using a courier parcel collection.

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